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From Curated to Full Custom

The bathroom has many elements to it and can be overwhelming when making remodeling decisions. Tiles, flooring, fixtures, and endless other features work together to make a harmonious space. We have a solution for our customers who need design guidance. Our Collections have been carefully curated to make the selection process effortless for you as you design your new bath. Our professionals have chosen from the best finishes and materials our partners offer. Whether you prefer something stylish to bring the latest trends to your bathroom or a design that is a more classic combination, we're sure you'll find a style to suit your taste perfectly. We bring the options to you and you get to enjoy a brand new bathroom in only a few decisions, not hundreds. 

Already have your perfect space in mind? Our team can help execute your custom vision as well. We even have customers who fall somewhere in between!

How it Works

Bathroom Design in 3 Easy Steps!

The Collections are grouped by common base palettes: white, blue, gray, black, and neutral. They are also grouped by shower surround material, such as tile, solid surface, and quartz. Our team will work with you to figure out your preferences - no more running from store to store trying to find all the puzzle pieces. Sit back relax as our team of experts brings your vision to life!

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Step 1: Pick Your Palette

First and foremost, we start narrowing down Collections based off your color preference(s). Are you aiming for a light and airy white and bright? Beachy blues? Or is this your space to go bold with black? Once that decision is made, we can hone in on the collections that will best achieve this.

You don’t have to choose just one palette right away but narrowing down to 1-2 colors can help the process of elimination. Keep in mind that you can always use accessories like soap dispensers and towels so add color to your space too.

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Step 2: Choose Your Collection

Now for the details! Our team will work with you to determine your preferred shower surround: solid surface, tile, or quartz. You can view some photos of other bathroom remodels and use the design tool to help envision what the pieces will look like.

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Step 3: Pick Your Pieces

Now the real fun part! Start checking off the specific swatches and pieces to begin building you look. You will choose the bigger design elements: shower surround, vanity color and style, countertop, flooring, and fixture finish. Have additional elements you want to include? We have you covered there too! Additional pieces like tubs, toilets, and accessories will come next.

Step 4: Enjoy Your New Bathroom!

Once the pieces are orders and install is complete, you can revel in your new oasis and design skills. Want to learn even more about the benefits of using the Collections to guide your remodel? Check out our blog:

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