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Our McKinney, TX Team

  • Cristina Romero & Ivan Cevallos


    Meet the heart and soul behind Bath Tune-Up McKinney. A beautiful family of five who have made Texas their home, bringing a blend of Ecuadorian warmth and Texan love to the vibrant community of North Dallas.

    To lead the team we have Cristina, a business administrator expert who possesses and exceptional eye for design and a passion for providing fabulous customer service. Beyond her professional pursuits, she moonlights as a cake designer and she uses her creativity to convert ideas into delightful confections. 

    Ivan, her husband, was a successful project manager with over a decade of experience in automation and construction projects.

    They love to cherish precious moments with their family. This family is completed by two brilliant teen boys and a little girl. Their boundless energy and enthusiasm fill their home with joy and laughter.

    The family loves to be active, weather it is soccer, baseball, tennis, swimming they are open to enjoy any sports activity.

Achievements and Certifications


Wedi Certified Installer


Lead Safe Certified


Home Advisor