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Our Williamsburg, VA Team

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    Craig Smith


    My son, Tyler, and son-in-law, Sam, and I are excited to be in business together. I have been married to my wonderful wife, Shelley, for almost 40 years and we love spending time with our three children and six grandchildren. I am a former business executive who helped others run successful businesses and I apply what I’ve learned over my career to my own business. Treating people like I want to be treated is most important to me. My parents ran their own business successfully for over 42 years and my dad always told me to treat others like I want to be treated and I would be fine. 

    Our family purchased Kitchen Tune-Up from Mark and Mary Beth Levy when they retired in 2020. Kitchen Tune-Up has been a local family owned and operated business in Williamsburg since 2005. We recently decided to expand our business by purchasing Bath Tune-Up so that we can continue to create beautiful & functional spaces that bring joy to others.

Achievements and Certifications

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