Picking Your Perfect Combination: Our Bathroom Remodel Collections

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The desire for homeowners to update and remodel their bathrooms is a trend that remains popular. One major roadblock that keeps them from moving forward is the endless options and overwhelm of combinations for elements including colors, tiles, patterns, finishes, and more. While many of our clients have their choices ready to go for a custom design, we have just as many who want design guidance to remove this stress.

Knowing this, Bath Tune-Up has their exclusive Collections to offer our clients. The Collections consist of carefully curated pieces from our product partners that coordinate depending on the base color palette desired: white, gray, blue, black, or neutral. Multiple shower surround materials are available depending on preference and price point. Even better? All color palettes and their various shower surrounds can be coordinated among each other to ensure a beautiful final project!

The process to choose and achieve your curated bath space consist of the following steps:

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Step 1: Pick Your Palette

First and foremost, we start narrowing down Collections based off your color preference(s). Are you aiming for a light and airy white and bright? Beachy blues? Or is this your space to go bold with black? Once that decision is made, we can hone in on the collections that will best achieve this.

You don’t have to choose just one palette right away but narrowing down to 1-2 colors can help the process of elimination. Keep in mind that you can always use accessories like soap dispensers and towels so add color to your space too.

Step 2: Choose Your Collection

Now for the details! Our team will work with you to determine your preferred shower surround: solid surface, tile, or quartz. You can view some photos of other bathroom remodels and use the design tool to help envision what the pieces will look like.

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Step 3: Pick Your Pieces

Now the real fun part! Start checking on the specific swatches and pieces to begin building you look. You will choose the bigger design elements: shower surround, vanity color and style, countertop, flooring, and fixture finish. Have additional elements you want to include? We have you covered there too! Additional pieces like tubs, toilets, and accessories will come next.

Step 4: Enjoy Your New Bathroom!

Once the pieces are orders and install is complete, you can revel in your new oasis and design skills.

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Benefits of Utilizing Our Collections

Choices Made Easy. This is the perfect option for someone who is ready to remodel and either doesn’t have an idea of what they want, or maybe they don’t have a preference about the space. Rental space and guest bathrooms may need an update and the client doesn’t have an exact look in mind. When decisions come easier, it helps move the whole project along! Plus, our team will have access to all products from our Collections – which means our clients don’t need to run from store to store to collect the items themselves.

The Best of Both Worlds. Clients can still customize their space, but from narrowed down, cohesive elements. They get to play designer having piece of mind that the result will shine!

Price Points. The Collections are tiered in a way to help match your investment level. If certain elements are more important to you than others, our team can help guide you through a “good, better, best” approach.

Common Questions:

Do I have to pick my pieces all from one Collection?

Not at all! As mentioned above, all color palettes within the Collections are meant to coordinate and work together, regardless of the Collection itself.

What if I don’t see everything I envision for my bathroom?

We have many more options beyond the Collections we can show you. We also do plenty of custom bathroom spaces. Our team can update just a portion of your bathroom, or a whole floor-to-ceiling overhaul. 

How much will a Collections project cost?

Just like with any remodel, this relies heavily on scope of work. However, our Collections are tiered by price point depending on shower material, which can help you stay with your desired investment level.

 When you explore the options for your bathroom remodel, find comfort in knowing that our Bath Tune-Up team can help guide you through the choices and details if you don’t already have a custom project in mind.

Contact us today to learn more about our Collections and how we can help you achieve your dream bathroom! If you’re ready to schedule your complimentary consultation, you may do so here.

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