Featured Project: Elegant and Functional in Houston Sugarland

Every month, Bath-Tune Up highlights a well-executed project that left the customer with a smile on their face. This month, we're looking at a bathroom remodeling project in Houston Sugar Land, Texas. 

Have you ever seen a bathroom that, well… needs a little love?


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That’s a fairly honest description of what Joe & Amanda Boyd from Bath Tune-Up found when they started this project. With peeling paint on the cabinets, outdated and damaged fixtures, and a poor, cramped design, they knew that this space would need a complete makeover. 

The homeowner was using this bathroom as his primary bath. He’d seen Joe and Amanda Boyd on a TV spot and called them up to see if they could provide their services to remodel this room. The three of them hit it off and launched the project. 


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The main goal of the remodel was to convert the bathtub into a walk-in shower to make it easier for the homeowners to use it. They also removed a wall separating the vanity from the toilet to give the bathroom a more open feel. This wall removal was the favorite part of the project for the team from Bath Tune-Up. The crew installed beautiful new cabinets and fixtures throughout, and the homeowner selected tiles to suit his tastes. They added new sheetrock to the walls, replaced the window, and installed a new fan and recessed lights. 

In the end, the homeowner was thrilled with his new bathroom. The design was elegant and eye-catching, and also achieved the functions the homeowner envisioned when he started the project. The removed wall made the room feel more open and accessible, giving the space a new life.  

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