Spa-style bathrooms are on-trend right now. While there’s no fixed definition for what gives a home bathroom a spa-like vibe, it’s a case of “you know it when you see it.” You’ll also know it when you feel it.

A spa bathroom should make you want to linger and relax. You’re not there just to get ready for the working day and then dash out the door. You’re there to indulge yourself–maybe read a book or listen to a podcast in the tub, try a facial or manicure, and generally pamper yourself.

If you’re remodeling your bathroom, here are spa-like touches to bring indulgence and relaxation into your home.

Soak Your Cares Away

A centerpiece for any spa bathroom is a tub for luxuriating in bath salts or bubble baths. Free-standing tubs have made a huge comeback, but don’t expect grandma’s old enamel tub with claw feet (though you can get retro tubs with that old-school look!). Expect easy-to-clean finishes, elegant sculptural shapes, and jets and sprays to ease your muscles.

Add a simple tray that fits across or on the side of the tub. Keep your soaps, books and coffee cup close at hand on your tray and you’re set for a soothing bath.

Refreshing Rainfall

Spa showers often are walk-in, with minimal or no rim. Some are only set apart from the rest of the bathroom by a door or curtain. The feel is roomier than a standard shower.

Customize your shower. How about a “rainfall” showerhead? These large, round heads deliver a rain-like cascade. Maybe you’d also like more than one showerhead, set at varying heights in the shower, to immerse you from several directions at once.

For the most spa-like experience, install a steam shower. At the press of a switch, these enclosed showers go from a regular shower stall to an in-home steam room, letting you control the steam and even add essential oils.

Set the Mood

You’ll want adjustable lighting so you can create a calm atmosphere with dimmers or wake yourself up with brighter light. Chandeliers, whether modern or traditional, add luxury. Pendant lighting or task lighting can throw extra pools of light onto countertops.

Décor depends on what you find relaxing. White is clean and classic for spas but doesn’t have to be coldly clinical. Personalize a white bathroom with wood floors, shelves, or cabinets to bring natural warmth into the space. Install a patterned tile floor to contrast with white walls, or toss down a colorful rug next to the tub. Don’t forget plush towels for color and comfort.

A spa bathroom is easier to create than you might think. Work with a local Bath Tune-Up professional to design your unique, personal space.