Transforming Spaces: Meg and Perry's Bath Tune-Up Story

Transforming Spaces: Meg and Perry's Bath Tune-Up Story

When Meg and Perry decided it was time for a home makeover, they turned to Bath Tune-Up to transform not just one, but multiple spaces in their house. Their ambitious project included updating several bathrooms and converting a bedroom into a functional and beautiful laundry room.

A Laundry Room Like No Other

The laundry room transformation was particularly significant for Meg. "For the amount of time I spend in the laundry room, I wanted to have a nice space with plenty of room," she shared. The space was initially a blank slate, but Bath Tune-Up stepped in with their expertise.

"Bath Tune-Up was incredible with the cabinetry and layout. They helped with everything, and now we have everything we need in that space," said Meg. They incorporated an essential utility sink and ample countertop space, providing hanging space over the dryer and cabinetry for all the detergents. "They really understood how to increase the function of the space with the cabinetry they chose."

One standout feature was the creative storage solutions Bath Tune-Up implemented. "They created space for towels and sheets, storing them in a way that was useful—something we hadn’t thought of," Perry added. The result? "Our laundry room is now one of my favorite rooms in the house. I love it.” Meg stated.

Master Bathroom: From Drab to Spa-Like

The master bathroom was another area that received a stunning makeover. "The space for the master bathroom isn’t very huge, so turning it into something that feels like a master bathroom and spa oasis was really important," Meg explained. Bath Tune-Up incorporated a linen cabinet and customized the cabinetry to meet their needs—something they couldn't have achieved with prefabricated options.

Their top priorities were to modernize the space, add double sinks, and increase countertop space and storage. They stated how it was so important to have double sinks as they each need our own space and want to be able to use it at the same time. “I think the heated floors saved our marriage!" Perry joked. Meg agreed, laughing, "Yes, it was a non-negotiable for me, so glad we came through on that."

Fun and Functional Kids' Bathroom

"The old secondary bathroom was like your grandma’s bathroom with orange and avocado colors, carpet on the floors, and a toilet that sat up on a step like a throne. It was horrible," Perry recalled. The kids' bathroom was transformed into a fun and functional space. "We wanted it to be a fun space, so we used a tile that we nicknamed the popsicle tile," Meg said. The playful design, combined with practical features, has made it a favorite spot for their children.

A Seamless Experience

Reflecting on their experience, Meg and Perry were full of praise for Bath Tune-Up. "We were originally looking at some prefabricated cabinets, but working with the experts at Bath Tune-Up took the stress out of it for us," Perry noted. "Not to mention, the quality is higher than that of a box store. They helped us think about how we use the space, making it more functional for our family."

From start to finish, Bath Tune-Up guided Meg and Perry through every decision, ensuring each space met their needs and preferences. "Using Bath Tune-Up was a great experience. The spaces are elegant and functional, and we couldn’t be happier with the results," they concluded.

Their journey with Bath Tune-Up demonstrates the power of expert design and customization in uplifting their home and life, one room at a time.

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